Thursday, February 17, 2011

kete polis serata dunia (sebahagian)

Ever wondered what happens to the money you pay to the Police when you get a ticket?

Here’s the ultimate battle of Police supercars worldwide. Personally if I would be a cop I would prefer Germany.

Germany: Brabus CLS Rocket

With 730hp from a twin-turbo V12 and a top-speed of 225.19mph, the Brabus CLS Rocket is currently the world’s fastest legal sedan.

brabus police

germany police

Germany: Porsche 911 Carrera

The Porsche 911 Carrera S has been extensively modified by TechArt for its role as a police car. With a 6 cylinder engine and 500hp it’s capable of over 186 mph and sprinting to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

police porsche

Austria: Porsche 911

A £65,000 supercar that can do up to 177mph for the Austrian Police

austria police

Italy: Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini donated one of these beauties to the Italian Police back in 2004. They probably liked it as they purchased another one a year later for around $166,000. Top speed: 190mph. Powered by a 5 liter V10 with 500hp.

police gallardo


Italy: Smart

Not quite a supercar, but I bet chases on the narrow streets of Rome are much more interesting since the Italian Police got this.

smart police car

USA: Dodge Magnum

Michigan Police acquired an entire Magnum fleet (they could be used as rams by their looks)

magnum police car

USA: Dodge Viper

Texas’ way of welcoming visitors

USA: Corvette C6

corvette police car

USA: Ford Mustang

mustang police car

USA: Hummer H2

700hp Hummer powered by a 7.0L supercharged V8 for a sheriff in Texas

hummer police car

UK: Lamborghini Gallardo

Similar to the Italian Police Gallardo, just with a crappy paint job

UK: Lotus Exige

The Exige is a lightweight, high performance car that accelerates from 0 to 60 faster than typical V8 cars and yet only uses around 5 liters / 100 km.

lotus exige concept car

Australia: Holden VE Commodore

Australia: Alfa Romeo GT

Japan: Nissan Skyline GT-R

China: Hummer (It just HAD to be a replica)

Holland: Spyker C8 Spyder

406hp and a V8 with Lamborghini doors. Maximum speed: 186mph

Canada: Jaguar S Type

Bulgaria: Porsche 911

South Africa: Lamborghini Gallardo

Yet another Gallardo with a better paint job than the British version. The nearly $200,000 car was loaned to the authorities by a local Lamborghini importer to use it as an “attention-getting device” to control traffic.

A little fun:

Honda Civic Concept

The Honda Civic Si Concept coupe and Honda Civic Concept sedan made their world debuts at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, providing the first official glimpse at the styling direction of the all-new, ninth-generation 2012 model set to go on sale this spring, the company announced.

"The Civic is known for providing a balance of 'just-right' packaging, fun-to-drive character and outstanding fuel economy, at a price that even first-time buyers can afford," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. "The redesigned Civic builds on this legacy and promises to be the best Civic yet."

The 2012 Civic embraces the company's vision as a "Civic for all people," a phrase originally expressed in defining the goal of the first-generation Civic. With the widest array of engine choices available in its class, the 2012 Civic lineup intends to meet the needs of an increasing group of compact-vehicle buyers with a renewed vision of a "Civic for all people." The diverse vehicle range includes a sedan and a coupe with conventional gasoline models, two sporty "Si" performance versions, along with one hybrid and a natural gas alternative-fuel variant. Collectively the depth of the Civic line offers a compelling balance between fuel economy, low emissions and fun-to-drive performance unlike any other vehicle in the industry.

As a new interpretation of the current Civic's iconic "one-motion" mono-form shape, the upcoming, ninth-generation Civic conveys a more substantial, high-energy appearance. The exterior styling of both Honda Civic concept models showcases the sedan's and coupe's clean-yet-powerful lines with steeply raked windshields, wide stances and pronounced character lines along the profile. The lower character line on both models broadens toward the rear fenders to enhance the dynamic feeling of forward energy. The front fender surface treatments form a complex, three-dimensional look to further enhance the image of sophistication and structural depth against the deeply set headlights.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some specs at a glance:

* AP Racing brakes and Ohlins suspension system provides the ultimate driving experience
* Racing aerodynamics enhanced by R3-designed bodykit with a front splitter for optimal down force
* Lightweight carbon fibre bonnet and FRP fenders to reduce overall weight
* Recaro shell seats provides ultimate driver support during spirited driving
* SPARCO steering wheel R323 for added control
* Integrated, colour-coded half cage gives added protection to driver.

Detailed Vehicle Specifications


* 2 door compact
* R3 bolt-on CDS 4-point half roll-cage


* Overall length – 4473mm
* Width – 1821mm
* Wheelbase – 2600mm
* Track front – 1488mm
* Track rear – 1488mm


* 16V 1597cc CAMPRO 4-cylinder in line DOHC
* R3 forged pistons 11:1 comp ratio
* R3 steel conrod
* R3 performance camshafts
* R3 reworked cylinder head
* R3 4-2 exhaust system stage 3
* R3 carbon airbox
* R3 management computer
* 170PS/200hp & 200Nm @ wheel


* R3-spec close ratio gearbox


* R3-designed interior wrapped with Alcantara and Nappa leather
* SPARCO steering wheel R323, 330mm with R3 60mm spacer
* R3 4-point half roll-cage, colour-coded yellow



* McPherson strut with stabiliser bar
* R3-tuned Ohlins coilovers


* Multi link with stabiliser bar
* R3-tuned Ohlins coil over


* R3-designed 15” wheels M7510 Wheel Assy 15 x 7 ET 37
* Bridgestone Potenza RE55S semi slick tyre 190/50 R15


* AP Racing 4-pot brake system
* AP Racing floating disc 295mm
* AP Racing performance brake pads